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 Laura Kinney
 Posted: Apr 10 2017, 03:04 PM


alias: Tethys
timezone: PST (GMT -8)
age: Twenty-six
other characters: N/A
contact: PM/Skype/Discord
canon/original: Canon
full name: Laura Kinney
nicknames/aliases: X, The Weapon, X-23
age: Twenty-one
date of birth: 07 July, 1995
hometown: The Facility
nationality: Canadian (kind of)
gender: Female
occupation: Feelance merc/occasional vigilante
affiliation: Independent
time with current affiliation: --
playby: Nina Dobrev
one-two paragraphs desription, must have three sentence per paragraph.
two to three paragraphs with three sentences per paragraph.

Healing factor: Like the mutant from whom she was cloned, Laura has an extremely powerful healing factor which was forcefully activated when she was seven years old by bombarding her with radiation, with the expectation that her healing factor would kick in to save her. It did, and the net result is that the mutant formerly known as X-23 is extremely hard to kill. Any superficial skin damage (scratches, cuts, deeper lacerations) heal in a matter of seconds to minutes, and anything more extensive (such as broken bones, punctured lung, etc) take at most a couple of hours to heal completely. She can technically ‘die’ (typically with an instantly fatal injury such as a bullet in her head or snapping her neck), at which point her healing factor kicks in (still lingering in the depths of her nervous system) and revives her within a few hours. Her healing factor also extends to her immune system, protecting her from all known human diseases and toxins, including the adamantium poisoning that having even a small amount of the metal in her body would give her without it (it is notable, however, that the adamantium poisoning in question could eventually beat back her healing factor, should it ever begin to slow down; this could take decades, however, if not longer, especially considering the very small amount of adamantium she has in her body). She can be affected by some drugs, such as tranquilizers, but it would require a massive dose to even slow her down. (She can also get drunk, but the amount of alcohol required to begin to impair her would kill any baseline human.)

As a result of her healing factor, X-23 has extremely delayed aging, and could conceivably have a natural lifespan measured in centuries, rather than decades.

Superhuman Attributes: Again, like her ‘father’, X-23 has a slew of powers relating to enhanced human abilities. Her senses are enhanced far beyond peak human capability, particularly her senses of smell, hearing, and sight. She can see things at far greater distances and with much better clarity than any normal human, she can hear a whispered conversation from across a crowded room if she concentrated on it (as well as being able to hear sounds at pitches and frequencies humans can’t detect), and she is an extremely talented tracker thanks to her sense of smell allowing her to pick up even the slightest hint that someone she was following had been there within the last few days. As well, her night vision is spectacular, as she can see with the same level of clarity in low light as she can at any point in the day.

In addition to her senses, X-23 has greatly enhanced stamina, agility, reflexes, and durability. Her body does not produce fatigue toxins in anywhere close to the amounts normal humans do, and as a result she can push herself harder for longer than any baseline human. X-23 can push herself to her limits, operating at peak capacity, for up to twenty-four hours before fatigue starts slowing her down. (Perhaps in part because of this, coupled with her healing factor, X-23 is far less reliant on sleep. She can easily get by with two or three hours a night, and she is an extremely light sleeper to the point where a mouse stepping into her room could wake her up.) Her agility and reflexes grant her balance, coordination, and reaction times that would put even the greatest of Olympic athletes to shame. And of course, her durability means X-23 can take a lot more punishment than the vast majority of people, even without taking her healing factor into account.

Bone claws: Included in X-23’s skeletal structure are six claws—two housed in each arm and one in each foot. The claws are housed in special sheaths buried beneath her skin and muscle, and X-23 can extend them at will with the right muscle contractions. In her hands, one claw shows up between her first and middle fingers, and one between her ring and pinky fingers, while the claws in her foot extend from between her first and second toes. Unsheathing her claws tears through skin and muscle, though her healing factor deals quickly with any damage, and she must keep her wrists and ankles straight at the time her claws emerge.
--- Adamantium: Shortly after X-23’s mutation was forcibly activated, all six of her bone-claws were removed, coated with adamantium, and then reinserted back into their sheaths where they re-bonded with the bone roots. As a result, her claws are virtually indestructible (though, unlike with Wolverine, the rest of her skeleton is still normal bone, if a great deal more durable than a baseline human’s bones would be) and can cut through any material that is less dense than adamantium itself. (The only known metals her claws could not cut through are adamantium and vibranium.) As well, even while her claws are sheathed her punches carry a lot more ‘weight’—it’s essentially as if she has several dozen rolls of quarters permanently clenched in her fists.

Facility Training: X-23 was quite literally born to be a weapon. Long before her mutation was forcibly activated, the clone was trained to be absolutely lethal and ruthlessly efficient. She was conditioned to be emotionless, to care for no one and nothing but completing the mission assigned to her. Any doubts that were had about her potential attachment to those who helped to raise her, particularly her ‘mother’ and Sensei, were laid to rest when she killed the latter thanks to a successful test of the trigger scent.

X-23 was trained in a variety of martial arts techniques from the moment she could walk, making her an expert at close-quarters combat, but she was also trained in the use of various weapons and firearms. She was not meant to be solely a blunt instrument, after all, but something that could strike with surgical precision and leave only the traces she was instructed to. Because of this, X-23 also has rudimentary understanding of the basics of many security systems and can run a decent hack provided the security is weak enough.

Due to the needs of some of the missions on which X-23 was sent before breaking away from the Facility, she was trained to be fluent in French and Japanese in addition to English, and is very quick to pick up new information and skills in general, should the need for them arise.
--- Trigger scent: As part of her conditioning, X-23 was tortured extensively, during which time her senses were bombarded by a unique chemical compound with a very specific scent. Following the conditioning, any exposure to the scent given off by the compound will drive X-23 into a blind berserker rage, where she kills anything in her path until the scent is neutralized or fades away.

family: Immediate family is all that's really necessary.
friends: here
other here

Give three good sized paragraphs or more on history. Include how they discovered their mutation/s, how it has affected their life. What their upbringing was like, what they've done with their .life if they've gone that far in. How they came across their affiliation, why they decided to stay with them or even switch teams. There's a multitude of things you could explain, just do it in your own way and all will be peachy keen.
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