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 Mistress, Penora Flowers
 Posted: Apr 5 2017, 07:41 PM
Hellfire Club


alias: Kumo
timezone: EST USA
age: twenty-three
other characters: nope
contact: PM best method
canon/original: original
full name: Penora Tatianna Flowers
nicknames/aliases: Pen (she abhors Penny)
age: twenty-six
date of birth: 08/01/91
hometown: Rochester, NY
nationality: 50% Russian 50% French
gender: female
occupation: Fashion designer/illustrator
affiliation: Hellfire club
time with current affiliation: 2 years
playby: abbey lee kershaw
Penora in her usual form has long brown hair (often dyed) and stands at 5 ft 8 in. She weighs in around 130 lbs. She has a naturally slender built to her She has three piercings up both sides of her ears and she has a lung cancer ribbon tattoo on the nape of her neck. Her eyes light blue eyes and a lighter skin complexion. She tans easily when she goes out in the sun.

Given the fact that she's a shapeshifter, she will often change her appearance when going out in public, rarely wearing the same face more than twice. The only individuals who know of her 'real' self are the Hellfire club and some close friends in recent years.
Penora views herself as an engima. She knows she's got damage and knows she goes through depersonalization episodes (mainly concerning romantic and sexual relationships). In general, she is a quiet girl who would rather listen than speak. She is an introvert, so she prefers the company of very few individuals, rather than an entire crowd. She also has a bit of androphobia (fear of men), due to her past.

When it comes to strangers, Penora will smile and be friendly. She doesn't keep too many people close as 'best friends', however. Penora is respectful towards others, until they give her a reason not to be. Penora is not a fan of regular humans in general, but she will put up with them.

Penora knows that among the Hellfire club, she's seen as the 'oddball', given her usual day-dreaming like stance. Penora is kind to the newbies to the club, knowing that it can be tough to fit in and is respectful of those who are of a higher rank than herself. However, she can hold grudges and plan to take someone down cut by cut if they do her wrong.

When it comes to religion, Penora views herself as Pagan. She grew in a Christian household and rejected the faith, feeling uncomfortable with it since she was a teenager. She believes that a gender neutral spirit watches over both mutants and humans. Penora also is very interested in some Hindu deities (Kali, specifically).

With love and lust, Penora views herself as graysexual and grayromantic. In simple terms, this means it is rare for her to genuinely fall in love and have sexual attraction towards others. She will have "mindless sex" with others, but normally if there's some kind of incentive involve (such as for blackmailing purposes or to gain some money).

One thing that makes Penora very uncomfortable about herself, is the fact that she is sterile. She could never have children (even though she wants some), but she does feel a very powerful motherly instinct when around young children (as well as those who have been orphaned or in the foster system).

Penora's favorite phrase is: "I am everywhere, and nowhere". She believes that it is quite fitting for herself, since she is a shapeshifter.

Power: Shapeshifting
Penora has the ability to shapeshift into any living being (both human and animal). However, she can not shapeshift into single-cell organisms (she can go as small as a fly). If she shapeshifts into an animal, her memories are very choppy (like a bad old film cutting in and out of the film). If Penora shapeshifts into another human, she can mimic their identifying features, however she can NOT copy mutations of mutants (aka she can't gain powers of a mutant if she changes into a specific mutant). Penora can hold a specific form for up to 12 hours, however bigger creatures make her tired more easily (as well if she does very vigorous activity). If she takes damage in her shifted form, this also means she might shift back to her 'regular' form. Humans who have died, she can not shift into. Penora is NOT shapeshift into digital/fantasy creatures, either. Penora, when in her shapeshift forms, can not become pregnant (nor impregnate others). Penora can NOT "partial shift" where she changes only a part of her body. Penora discovered this ability of hers when she was thirteen.

Power: Telekinesis
Penora can use telekinesis when in her 'normal'/not shapeshifted form. She can lift things up to one ton. Penora can lift up to six things at once. She's known about this power of hers since she was fifteen. Penora can only use this ability on solid things (animals, plants, construction, etc.) she can't use this ability on the other states of matter. If Penora is very mentally fatigued, she can't use this ability either. If she lifts heavy things (and/or multiple things in a short period of time), she becomes fatigued as well.

Penora is a skilled artist and writer. Penora believes this comes from the trauma she's been through over the years. Her preferred medium with art is pencil and paints. Her favorite genre to write about is horror and in first person. Penora's teachers had complimented her on her writing skills since she was in high school.

Penora is good at reading people. She notices all the little movements a person makes when trying to show (or hide) emotions. Penora people watched since she was young, finding human (and mutant) behavior absolutely fascinating.

Penora is fairly knowledgeable when it comes to psychology as well, having minored in it while in college. She also has a fair bit of knowledge about fashion merchandising, fashion illustration, and the creation of fashion.

family: Mother (Roxanne Martin), Father (Ivan Vasiliev)
friends: Hellfire Club
other Has a pet betta fish named Luciana

Penora was born into a rich family. Her father was a wealthy businessman and her mother was an ER nurse. Penora was spoiled, being an only child. However, Penora retained a sense of humility while growing up. She grew up in upstate, New York, and didn't like the mean attitudes she often saw from the cliches that developed in school. Penora's mother was a strong Christian and pushed her beliefs hard on the entire family, despite how her father was an atheist.

Penora did well in school and was a quiet little girl growing up. She studied hard in school, putting her energies towards doing well. She always had a love for her art classes and was fascinated by her science classes. From a young age, she found people fascinating (both their behaviors and how the human body moved).

Penora hit puberty when she was thirteen years old. This was around the same time she discovered her shapeshifting abilities. Penora recalls walking home from school and a stray dog attempted to attack her! In fright, she ran and the dog had lunged at her. When the dog's mouth made contact with her leg, her body changed into a large wolf. As a wolf, she fought the stray dog and managed to chase it away from her. Penora shifted back to her human self right after the incident. Penora still had the bite wound in her leg, and her memory was splotchy at best with what had just happened. Scared, Penora ran home. Once she arrived home, she told her parents she was attacked by a dog (but didn't mention the shapeshifting incident). Her parents took her to the hospital to make sure she would be properly cleaned up.

In high school, Penora did well in her studies. She hid the fact that she was a shapeshifter from the world, but did try to practice her ability during the night time. Penora fit in with the 'goth/punk' crowd in her high school and experimented with different drugs (mostly numbing type drugs). Penora also dyed her hair every color in the rainbow. This made her mother particularly angry at her, but Penora ignored her protests.

Penora's second ability manifested when she was fifteen. It was around when she had started dating a boy classmate from school. She was having an intimate moment with him and she had accidentally sent him head first into the top of the car they were in. Penora was frozen in fright, and her boyfriend was knocked out cold. After a few seconds, when Penora had regained her wits, she ran. Penora didn't tell her parents about this incident either.

Penora graduated on time, but emotionally, she wasn't doing well. Her boyfriend had used abusive measures to attempt to control her. She found out that he had a major dislike of mutants and had no memory of the telekinetic incident that happened between the two. Penora's parents wanted them to move to New York City upon her graduating, to which Penora was relieved for. Penora ended up blocking him on her phone and 'disappeared' from his life.

Upon moving to the big city (they moved to Staten Island), her parents' relationship with each other began to suffer. Penora went to college in the big city, majoring in fashion design and minoring in psychology. Penora never returned home over breaks, staying with friends she had made at school. Penora kept minimum contact with her parents during this period.

Penora found a club on campus grounds that was pro-mutant rights. Penora joined this club, finding relief that she could discuss being a mutant without fear of being harmed for it. Penora enjoyed her time at college, finding herself able to blossom and explore different things. She sees herself as having had a plentiful love life in college, having explored and tried many different things related to human sexuality.

Upon graduating from college, Penora enrolled in a Master's program. Her parents were staying together just for the sake of 'family', whatever that meant. Penora's parents were married legally, but that was the only 'real' marriage bit about them. Her parents helped her pay for a Master's program. Penora got a master's in fashion merchandising and design and took up an internship with a famous clothing line.

Penora dabbled with the black market while doing her Master's. Penora got into a serious romantic relationship with a girl mutant. Her ability was to cast illusions. Penora fell hard for her and the two got involved with less-than-legal activities together. Penora was able to get enough money through these lucrative means to support herself and find herself a small home with the love of her life.

Upon graduating from the Master's degree, Penora had started her own clothing line. It turns out her lover had a connection to the Hellfire Club and that's how Penora got involved Unfortunately, her lover had died from a drunk driving incident. Penora was greatly shaken by this.

Penora slowly recovered. She got herself a fish and worked as a spy for the Hellfire Club. Penora used her shapeshifting abilities to her advantage to discreetly gather information.

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 Posted: Apr 10 2017, 03:49 PM
Pink Ranger

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